52 Weeks 3: Hopworks Abominable

So here I am, with my sweet new hat and a tasty ‘winter’ ale and a headache. The sun has been a liar today, showing itself all throughout but never providing any warmth. The wind blew and snarled away any pockets of heat that might’ve taken refuge in the city.

Fuck, I hate the cold. I like winter though, so it’s always a strange time for me.

I was the first customer today, and as such got to chat a little about what might be tasty. There was a strong wit from Off The Rail which seemed interesting, but better in the warmer weather. A little high on the citrus, so I avoided it.

The Abominable however is more piney. Almost like pine tar in the nose, but definite pine flavors in the bite. Tasty and something that says; ‘Fortify yourself from the cold!’ 

I’m planning on brewing tonight, a very light beer which I’m hoping to balance with a bit of tea to give it a little more body. Should have a post up on it in a day or so. Experiments are interesting!

They’ve changed the layout at Bailey’s. Currently, I approve. The big table where groups can play cards is still there, but in a more open corner. The more isolated space to the south of the entrance now has low chairs and a small table, which is perfect for small groups who want to have a huddled conversation, furtive plans over beer and dusklight. 

Across the street, a man vacuums at the Tugboat Brewery, preparing it for customers, and in the other direction, the Saucebox remains closed and dark, white blinds cutting me off from its interior. I am glad I am here and not there, for a variety of reasons, chief amongst them that they are closed and I would be standing in the cold waiting for a beer. Who does that?

I’m afraid I’m nursing a three-day headache at this point, so this post will have to end. Cheers to all, if I don’t get a post up before Thanksgiving!

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