Making stout is work

Whew. Stouts might be more forgiving on mistakes, but making them is a bit of a chore.

Imagine straining this out forty times
Imagine straining this out forty times

First, there’s the sheer volume of malts that go into a stout. Those waterlogged grains have to be strained out and hauled off. Of course, this is all being done over boiling liquid, so it’s sweaty work. Not that I mind, but there’s just a lot to be done, you know?

Then there’s the usual cleaning, care taking, and prep before putting yeast. That’s all normal work. I’m just complaining about the weight of the many grains one has to haul off in order to make stout.

Yes, I’ll get over it.

The glory of the payoff seems to be pretty positive so far.  The recipe for this beer is posted thusly:
Steeping Grains @150:
1 lb Oats (toasted @300 for approx 50 minutes)
.75 lbs Chocolate malt
.5 Black barley
.5 Melanoidin
.75 Victory
7 lb LME
2oz Domestic Crystal-60
1oz Domestic Sterling-30
1tsp Irish Moss-5min
(boiled a little hot-178ish)
Reused yeast from Brown ale made previously, pitched @ about 78 degrees
1.10 (approx)

Should be ready to bottle in a month. Will let you know.

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