Brown ale, no alliteration

I am rarely that good at naming a beer; it’s got a style, that’s enough for me. Why people insist on naming brown ales with either rhyming words or alliteration, or both, is frickin’ beyond me. It’s like creativity took a hike when it came to that style.

However; this post isn’t about them, it’s about me and the brown ale I made. Take a look!

Tasty brown ale
Tasty brown ale

Now, it’s a little fizzier than I thought it would be, so the mouthfeel is a bit sparkier than I’d expect on a brown. But it’s light and has a lingering honey taste to it which is wonderful. Part of the taste comes from the temperature it’s being served at; my fridge keeps food cold…and I don’t have a spare beer refrigerator. However, that’s easily solved by just pouring the beer into a glass and letting it warm up a little bit. Warmer, the beer has some chocolate flavors and just a hint of roasted bitterness at the end. I just had this with a banana–what can I tell you, I was hungry–and the roasted flavors of the brown worked very well to offset the sweetness of the fruit.  Good stuff all around.

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