Foam Scraper

While I write up posts on my trip to Canada, I have some filler from my trip to Seattle…

I’m sitting in the Pike Street alehouse, waiting for a server to quit looking at the trouncing UW is getting from U of O and notice me, thinking about the decades that have seen people like me coming to Pike street in various conditions and looking for who knows what to fill their dreams. But since I’m by myself I begin to relish my own memories of times spent in this neighborhood. Of course, the previous dreamers didn’t have access to the ales of Pike Ale, and even when they did, they had to put up with things like this:

As someone who has destroyed my fair share of foam on beers (using my pinky finger) I almost understand what’s going on here.

Almost. See; I was ruining my beer to get more beer in there. They were just ruining beer.

Makes me glad to live in more civilized times.

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