Boundary Bay Brewing

As I head North, things gently seem to shift. My last US beer stop is the Boundary Bay Brewing pub in Bellingham, which seems to be a refurbished warehouse, now brewpub. It’s got that mishmash of style made from scarred floors, refabricated walls leading to awkward bathroom hallways and a balcony which most certainly housed a dour, sweaty forman once, that says: I’m an old building that has seen some years. Please relax and enjoy me.

So I got a scotch ale and my girlfriend the sampler, which I steal sips from. There are photos, but I am unable to upload them now…perhaps there will be a big picture post in the near future. We agree on the ESB and the Oatmeal Stout is a standout for me, while she enjoys the IPA, which I thought was too bitter. The scotch ale I have is very tasty, and goes well with my lamb burger and chips-though I order a pilsner to finish off the meal. But what I notice is that there is a lot of malt here; perhaps milder beers chosen to pair with their grub? I do not know.

Canada awaits!

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