A thank you to Alastair Hook

The head brewer for Meantime beers was most gracious and a lot of fun to talk with. I took up a little more of his time than probably was fair, but he was great! He told the small group there about the beers he makes, yeasts used, packaging decisions, the beers he likes (apparently he’s a big fan of the Northwest IPAs), the reasons for keeping the beers he does in their style, and going back to the 1700’s to find the recipe for their porter.

I thought about asking for a photo with him, but felt too embarassed to ask.  What can I say?

Apparently Meantime’s coffee beer is supposed to come to the US soon, and I can’t wait.

It’s just a touch depressing to visit the web site though. When  I was told that they brewed over twenty kinds of beer, I was impressed but saddened I wasn’t going to get to try them. Going to the web site and seeing the bottles though…well that just smacks me in the nose: Not for you!

All in all, it was a great event, and once again, thanks to both the Belmont Station for hosting, and Mr Hook for his time.

4 thoughts on “A thank you to Alastair Hook”

  1. I’ve never had a bad Meantime beer. They get some flak from purists here because they don’t do cask ale, therefore in in CAMRA eyes it’s not “real”.

    It’s hard to find some of their beer even in London but their brew pub, the Union in Greenwich is excellent and more and more I’m seeing their taps popping up in places like the Market Porter.

    British brewers could learn a thing or two from Meantime. Good to know they guy’s as nice as his beers.

  2. I just can’t imagine people making up rules for things like that. It’s either good beer or it isn’t; that level a purity seems to be rooted in some kind of paranoia: ‘it’s not like us, it is not….’

    Bah, to them. The excellence of the beer proves the point better than any defense I could summon.

    But yes; if you have the opportunity, talk the man’s ear off. He’s great.

  3. I was in Seattle over the weekend, and purchased two more bottles of the IPA. “Yeah, he was here on Monday,” the guy behind the counter told me. “I know, I saw him on Tuesday in Portland,” I replied.

    Nice guy. I don’t get his love of strong IPAs, but then again, they’re not for me. In any case, he makes a good beer.

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