I put my money where my mouth is

The title of this post seems incredibly apt, now that I think about it. I mean, when we buy food of any sort, aren’t we engaging in just that behavior?

However, in this case I’m referring to the post on the great American Lager race from a couple days ago. Shortly after writing that post, Portland began a heat wave on Thursday that has had temps in the low hundreds. I’m not sure if this means I can control the weather via complaint, or just lucky timing (but obviously I’m hoping for weather control). Either way, the heat is expected to run though the weekend, so I did the only reasonable thing: I bought a twelve pack of Session lager. 

The first thing to note is that, no matter what, twelve ounce bottles of beer are cute. I know it’s not very manly to admit it, but damnit these little beers are adorable, in the same way that puppies are. Beer that says: you don’t have to grow up. 

But the most relevant thing is how it tastes, and on a day like today I am extremely thankful not only for the lightness of this beer, but for the other qualities it brings. Lightly hopped, the bitterness starts in front, but gives way easily to the malts of the beer, and finishes with the sparkle of carbonation. Easy-peasy, but not flavorless, not water that’s given the hint of beer, but a drinkable thirst quencher for a hot day. I am already looking forward to my third, and the clock has just broke the noon barrier.

One thought on “I put my money where my mouth is”

  1. No, it’s Session bottles that are cute. The other ones are too tall and proud; Session just wants to be loved for its chubby little self.

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