Sometimes brewing itself is an exercise in frustration.

The porter I let sit for another week…and it’s still has no carbonation. Tasty, but nothing effervescent to back it up! So I’m setting it aside for a month. See how it behaves after some time in its room.

I have been trying to re-create a wit beer ever since I made one with a team 3 years ago. It won a contest and was served to people who paid for it! That’s a particularly proud moment for me, as you might imagine. Sadly, I have been failing to re-create this beer. I just bottled it Sunday night, and took a sip from the pre-bottle conditioned leftovers.

It tastes like water. Sour water. That’s not right.

The one good thing that’s going to come of this is the Cheswick Ale ‘clone’ I’m making was put into secondary fermentation, and that tasted pretty good. At least like beer. So I’m giving this wit a week, no more, to shape up. If it tastes like death on Sunday, fuck that, I’m dumping it and moving to a beer with lager malt and lots of hops. (I currently  have an abundance of hops)

After that I’ll start on a brown ale with belgain yeast, that Impy Malting and I brainstormed and decided to call Old Church. I had something like that last night (which I’ll use in a post next week) that tasted pretty good.

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