Juniper to the rescue

Rogue’s Juniper Pale Ale sneaks up on me every time.

Sure, the piney flavors show up in the nose and it’s a fantastically clear beer, with a sparkly juniper finish. I wouldn’t think that it would have sneakiness to it. It’s the kind of beer that goes especially well with spicy dishes because it stands so strong by itself. However, it’s also really good for those hot days when you just feel like  having something cooling-or at least it feels like it. Perhaps the reason I’m caught off guard is because this beer is supposed to go with food, and sometimes I’m just drinking a beer. It’s only a 5.2% beer, so it shouldn’t leave me fuzzy headed, right?

Yet two Juniper Pales later I’m asking for food, so I can stabilize my body and my head. Truly, this is one of my favorite Rogue ales, and certainly an antidote to the dark and heavy beer blues I’ve been encountering lately, but it’s got a kick to it that I would do well to remember.

4 thoughts on “Juniper to the rescue”

  1. Part of it was the heat! I was drinking all of these really heavy beers, and Portland was in the 90s. And then part of it is my attempt to make my own porter, and having it not work out-despite tasting it day after day…

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